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Medienmitteilung zum neuen IPCC-Klimabericht:
Es ist klar: Der Klimawandel ist menschengemacht


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Next seminar(s):
22.09.2014 no seminar.
29.09.2014 Dr. Sophie Guillon, Geotop, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada.
How gases migrate in rocks and why it matters.
06.10.2014 Dr. Richard Bintanja, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, De Bilt, Netherlands.
The causes and implications of future increases in Arctic precipitation.
13.10.2014 Prof. Fortunat Joos, Climate and Environmental Physics, University of Bern.
The carbon cycle in the Holocene: Natural mechanisms versus anthropogenic land use .
20.10.2014 Dr. Mona Stockhecke, Climate Geology ETH ZĂĽrich.
Millennial to orbital-scale ice sheet effects on drought intensity in the Eastern Mediterranean: Interpretation of a high-resolution record from Lake Van (Turkey) using model simulations.

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